Gifts with purchase

Free gifts with the purchase are an excellent way to boost your sales and reward customer loyalty.

Designers who touch the texture of a fabric for their design.
Red box with cosmetic products inside
— Stainless steel water bottle (client: Mondou)

People Loves Free Merch!

At Azius, we can help you create custom products that meet your business needs and achieve your sales, product rollout or customer retention targets. Let our expert team members guide you in developing unique gifts and giveaways that will make your customers feel good about your brand and help you stand out from the competition.

Picnic blanket + toque

The Best in Local and Imported Products

An almost infinite selection of customizable products just waiting to showcase your brand. Azius has all this and more!

Not only do we design custom items to suit your needs, but we also provide you with a wide range of production options. You can choose from products that are manufactured domestically or imported, depending on what your specific business requirements are.


Our extensive warehouse facilities are available to keep your entire inventory in stock and in one place. That’s one less thing for you to worry about and plan for!


All our products are designed to inspire, intrigue and impress from the get-go. Let Azius create an unforgettable unboxing experience!


Wherever your customers are, Azius is there too! We deliver worldwide and take care of all the shipping and customs clearance paperwork to ensure your peace of mind.


At Azius, environmental priorities drive our business decisions. Our products are made to last. And many are produced in Canada using recycled materials. We care about our planet and it shows.

Our Services

We are experts in designing and producing custom branded merchandise, with a full range of services to deliver a premium-quality finished product to your doorstep.

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